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Dear Resident

Welcome to Gosforth Garden Village; you’ve made a great choice. As a resident of Garden Village, you have access to tremendous tennis and bowling clubs, a wide range of classes and events (coffee mornings, BBQ, Christmas Carols) held in and immediately around the Village Hall as well as hiring it for parties and other celebratory events. The funding made from the hire of the Hall, subscriptions and user groups helps fund all maintenance, repairs and new developments.

The Village Hall is a purpose built, accessible, warm environment in the heart of Garden Village (6 Rosewood Avenue). It has a large main hall, small meeting room suitable for 6 – 8 people, kitchen (includes double oven, microwave, fridge, dishwasher) and 3 toilets – one of which has disabled access and baby changing facilities.

At the rear of the hall is a large, enclosed, grassed area, patio, and picnic bench.


The Village Hall and surrounding area is managed by a volunteer Management Committee, who are local residents elected at the Annual General Meeting; and a group of Trustees who together ensure the smooth running of the facilities.

Currently the Team consists of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and eight others that include representatives from Bowls, Tennis and the Women’s Institute. The Village Hall Trust Deed outlines how the Management Committee must maintain and develop benefits specifically for the Garden Village community.

Joining the Team as a committee member is a great way to put your skills and interests to use and can be a good opportunity to learn new things. You’ll get insight into what’s involved in the management of a charity, meet new people and become an active member within garden Village life.

Tenure is usually three years, although blatantly you can resign at any time. There is an expectation that you will attend 90% of the relaxed, monthly meetings. We share the tasks involved in managing the Village Hall and upkeep of the site in accordance with our interests and abilities.

We are always looking for people to join the committee or to volunteer to help at events and or maintaining the Hall and surrounding area. Go on, contact us by email secretary@ggva.co.uk Alternatively if you would prefer to talk to a Committee member again, please email secretary@ggva.co.uk and one of us will contact you. The welcome is warm and it would be great to have you as part of the Team.

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