The overriding purpose of the Trust Deed is to protect the assets of the Trust and to provide its Association's User Groups with suitable facilities to carry out their activities. The User Groups can make representation to the Management Committee, through their Sectional Committee Members, (the User Group Reps.), to release funds and make alterations to the facilities available within the assets of the Trust.

The Board of Trustees consists of between 3 and 6 members at any one time. Trustees are appointed to the Board by the majority vote of the other Trustees on the Board. Trustees must be inhabitants of the Village or (in the words of the Deed), members of staff or former members of staff of the "British Transport Commission".

The Trust Deed which defines the Association describes a four tier system of organisation with the Board of Trustees holding final responsibility for the assets of the Association. Let's take a look at the way Gosforth Garden Village Association (GGVA), is structured.


Regular Activities