This is a digitised copy of an entire GGVA Conveyance & Trust Deed dated 10 April 1959, excluding the party details, final declarations and signatures.

1. The Society hereby conveys unto the Trustees FIRST ALL THAT piece or parcel of ground situate on the North side of Rosewood Avenue South Gosforth in the County of Northumberland and containing in the whole an area of Three thousand Two Hundred and twenty eight square yards or thereabouts and coloured red and dark red on the plan annexed hereto together with the buildings conveniences and outbuildings thereto belonging now erected on the said piece or parcel of ground or on some part thereof which said building conveniences and outbuildings are now used and are intended to be used hereafter as a recreation and a meeting room AND SECONDLY ALL THAT piece or parcel of ground containing in the whole an area of One thousand eight hundred and eleven square yards or thereabouts situate on the South side of Rosewood Avenue aforesaid now laid out as tennis courts and coloured blue on the said plan together with the building erected thereon or on some part thereof and now used and intended to be used hereafter as a pavilion.

2. The Trustees shall hold the said pieces or parcels of land buildings conveniences and outbuildings hereby conveyed (hereinafter referred to as "the property")UPON TRUST to permit the same to be appropriated and used in perpetuity under the name of "The Gosforth Garden Village Association" (hereinafter referred to as "the Association" as a Recreation Ground and Institute with objects as hereinafter defined for the benefit of the inhabitants of the estate known as the Gosforth Garden village situate at Gosforth in the county of Northumberland and delineated and edged green on the said plan and otherwise for the benefit of the said inhabitants and others as hereinafter appears.

8.(a) Subject as in Clause 17 hereof specified the management and control of the property (including without in any way limiting the interpretation of the expression "management and control" the duty of insuring and keeping insured the property in the hands of the Trustees and all equipment for the time being thereon from loss or damage by fire storm and tempest in some Insurance Office to be approved by the Trustees in such sum as the Trustees shall think proper) shall be vested in a Committee of Management (in this deed referred as "the Committee") the first members of which shall be elected at a public meeting of the said inhabitants and shall consist of a Chairman Vice- Chairman Secretary and Treasurer together with the two other persons so to be elected (which said Chairman Vice-Chairman Secretary Treasurer and two other persons are hereinafter referred to as "Elected Committee Members") and certain further members (hereinafter referred to as "Sectional Committee members").

10. Elected Committee Members to fill the place of those retired under the last preceding clause shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting on the day of which such retirement takes place by the full members of the Association and the retiring Elected Committee members from time to time shall remain in office until their successors are appointed.

11. Casual vacancies among the Elected Committee Members may at any time be filled up by the Committee from members eligible for elected membership of the Committee but so that any person elected to fill the casual vacancy shall hold office only while the Elected Committee Member in whose place he was elected would have held office.

15. The Association shall have the power in General Meeting of which not less than 21 days notice posted on the Members' Notice Board in the Pavilion shall have been given of terminating the membership of any member whether full or associate whose conduct in or about the property shall be considered by the Association in such General Meeting to have been prejudicial to the amenities or good management of the Association or to have constituted a substantial interference with the comfort of the other members of the Association in or about the property PROVIDED ALWAYS that the resolution so terminating membership shall be passed by a majority of not less than three quarters of those present at the meeting at which such resolution is proposed.

19. If at any time the property or any parts or parts thereof shall become unsuitable or unnecessary for the purpose aforesaid or if the Association shall be wound up or cease to make any substantial use of the property (as to which cessation of substantial use the Trustees shall be the sole judges) the Trustees may with the consent of the Committee let or sell the property or such part or parts thereof as aforesaid and in the case of a sale or a lease for more than twenty one years of the property or such part or parts thereof as aforesaid with the consent of the Minister of Education and other wise at such times and in such manner as the Trustees in their absolute discretion may think fit.

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